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[9 Dec 2011 | One Comment | ]

Client married a Chinese national but was convicted of a specified offense against a minor and the Law Offices of Nicklaus Misiti successfully argued client was not a threat to his spouse and procure her lawful resident status.
Under the Adam Walsh Act a person convicted of certain offenses against a minor is prohibited from petitioning to bring any non-citizen family member or spouse to the US. Such individuals are not only prohibited from petitioning for a minor child but they are also prohibited from petitioning for any adult beneficiary, such …

Adam Walsh Act »

[13 Nov 2011 | No Comment | ]

Law Offices of Nicklaus Misiti recently won a waiver for a US citizen petitioning spouse that was convicted of a crime against a minor.  Below are some tips for getting your application approved.  For anyone who doesn’t know the Adam Walsh Act (“AWA”) prohibits individuals convicted of crimes against minors from petitioning for their foreign born spouse or other relatives to come to the United States as lawful residents.  The AWA does allow for waiver if the petitioner can show they are not a threat to the beneficiary.
Here are some …